Friday, April 29, 2016

Turn False Awakenings Into Out of Body Experience (Astral Projection)

If you've ever experienced a false awakening, you know how frustrating it can be. Some even say they experience an extreme sense of fear along with the frustration. Luckily, through my experience with false awakenings I somehow learned how to turn them into out of body experiences or astral projection. Today I would like to share with you how to turn false awakenings into out of body experience.

Firstly, false awakening is defined as a vivid and convincing dream about awakening from sleep when, in reality, you're still sleeping. These dreams look how your everyday ritual when you wake up would look. You might go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, get a glass of water or whatever is it that you do when you first wake up. Sometimes these are accompanied with the feeling of something not being quite right. The frustrating part is that sometimes you can have several false awakenings in one night creating a cycle that keeps repeating itself yet you never actually wake up. This can be quite annoying and confusing. However, what's interesting about it is  that after so many false awakenings, we have higher chance of realizing that we are dreaming and possibly start to lucid dream. Furthermore, lucid dreams play an important role when trying to astral project or achieve an out of body experience.


For me, false awakenings started in my teens. I'd wake up, go to the bathroom and realize something is not quite right. Usually, I would have several false awakenings a night and a few times a week and it was always frustrating. Since this was a very common experience for me, I naturally started to pick up on little things which would determine whether I'm dreaming or not. Later, I found out these are called reality checks. For me, it is the lights. 

For some reason, lights don't seem to work properly in my dreams. When I look at my phone in a dream, it wouldn't emit proper amount of light and the screen would be blurry. I was also lucky enough to have the light switch right above my bed. Therefore, I developed a habit of turning the lights on immediately when I woke up in the middle of the night. Habit is really important when it comes to turning false awakenings into out of body experiences. Since in false awakenings you are reliving your own rituals after waking up, you have the full control to determent what will be the first thing you do when you wake up.

Also, timing is very important; reality check should be done as soon as possible. In my case, turning on the light switch was the first thing I did after I woke up. Therefore, while in a dream, every time I’d try to turn on the light it wouldn't work properly. The lights are usually dimmed and I would immediately get that feeling of something being not quite right. With time I began to realize that I'm dreaming. At first, I was still annoyed with this dream. I would now be aware that I'm dreaming but I would so desperately try to wake up that I would basically just create another circle of false awakenings. I would fake wake up, realize that I'm dreaming, try to wake up, fake wake up again, realize that I'm dreaming, try to wake up, fake wake up and on and on until I finally woke up. That lasted for years until this one time.

I've had several false awakenings in one sleep cycle and I was just over it. I didn't even feel like trying to wake up anymore so I sat down to watch the TV. Silly me, lights don't work properly in drams. Therefore, TV was just emitting bright blue light. I decided to just try to sleep. I was that desperate that I went to sleep while sleeping. That didn't go over so well because I ended up fake waking up again.

I was just walking around my room not knowing what to do when suddenly I just decided to let it be. I didn't want to fight it anymore. If this is how it's going to be then just let it be. At that moment I felt being pulled back to my body. All around me were these beautiful reddish colors and shapes. I got the feeling like I'm falling. When I finally hit the bottom I landed in my body at the bed. I heard loud noises in my head. I always say it sounds like you are having a construction site in your head. And then I just felt my spirit rising up from my body. It was completely beyond my control. I sat on my bed. As I tried to turn around, I passed through walls and the tables and it was the most fascinating thing I've ever experienced at that point. It's hard to explain but you literally feel as if you are just spirit, just your mind no body, just your consciousness. You are no longer bound by space and time. It's truly is unbelievable. Since that was very first time I experienced such thing, I quickly decided to go back. I just laid back into my body and that was it. I was fully awake.

And that, my friends, is how you turn your false awakenings into out of body experience.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spirit of the Blonde Lady

The following story happened to one of my closest friends. It is by far one of my favorite true personal encounter stories. Her experience is one of those fascinating stories with a background which can really make a person think twice about the existence of afterlife.

Several years back, my friend was visiting a graveyard with her family. As she was leaving the car, she gazed through the cemetery. On the back of one of the tombstones shaped as a heart, she saw a face of blonde girl in her twenties. The moment she looked away and looked back at the tombstone, the face was gone. As most people would, she kept quiet for a while but somehow she just couldn't let it go. Eventually, she told her mom what she saw and asked to check the grave in question. As they arrived to the grave, they noticed there was a picture of a person buried there on the front of the tombstone. My friend claims it was the picture of the same girl she saw earlier. She says that the only difference was that a girl on a picture had slightly shorter hair then the girl she saw. Story gets even more interesting when my friend found out that her mom knew who this girl was! Apparently, she died at the age of 26 by a tragic accident. When she was swinging on the garden swing, something went terribly wrong and the swing fell on her. 

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Is There Afterlife for Animals

To start with, let me tell you a really creepy story. As a child, I was going to sunday school. Once, I asked the teacher an important question: "Do animals go to heaven?" That's when something really scary happened; the teacher responded: "NO!" The truth is, I loved going to Sunday school and the teacher was pretty cool regardless our differences of opinions.


Firstly, everything is a circulation of energy. That includes not only animals and people but literally everything, both living and unliving. The only difference is that the living use more energy than the unliving. The reason why we say "use the energy" it is due to the fact that, according to science, the energy is neither created nor destroyed. So where does it come from and where does it leave? Rather than the energy suddenly appearing out of nowhere or mysteriously leaving the body after the passing; the energy it's transformed meaning it just moves from one form to another. Therefore, it is an open possibility that the energy which was once used by a living creature simply transform itself to a different form. Animals are no exception. They, like everything else, use the energy. Since the energy animals used can't just magically disappear after their death, it has to transform into something. That would mean if there is afterlife, there is afterlife for animals as well! But what if my teacher was referring to conciseness which is mostly reserved for humans. Well, recent studies prove that non-human animals have conciseness as well.  Therefore, upon their passing, animals will still be aware instead of just energy unconsciously floating around.

All of this is open for interpretation since, scientifically, we still aren't sure. From different paranormal reports, we learn that there aren't only reports of encounters with humans but with various different beings and entities one of them being animals. In conclusion, if there is afterlife which I believe there is, the rules should be same for everything and everybody.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Phantom Funerals

When I was a younger, my dad told me the creepy story that haunts me till this day. He heard this story when he was a child as well. It was a story about the phantom funeral. Little did I know that the same phenomenon was experienced by various people everywhere.

This story happened in the middle of the last century. One night, a man was returning home. He was walking on the empty non traffic road surrounded by nothing but woods. This road was the only road that leads to the village where he lived. As he was returning home, he sensed someone behind him so he turned around to check. The man saw a dark shadow walking behind him. He thought nothing of it and just assumed it was somebody else returning home as well. After a while, he turned around to check again and noticed that there are two shadows behind him. Thinking this was a bit strange, the man started walking faster. As the feeling of unease was rising within him, he turned around for the third time. Now, there were four shadows walking behind him. The man was terrified at this point. Luckily, he was approaching the village. Before he ran into the first yard, he took one last look. Now, there was a bunch of shadows walking on the road. He hid behind the fence and gazed at the scene in disbelief. As the shadows were passing down the road, the man noticed horse-drawn hearse. At that moment, he realized it was a funeral. The funeral procession just passed him and went down the road. 

Encounters with phantom funerals are all pretty similar. They are seen in quiet areas by travelers. Sometimes, they can be accompanied with sounds related to the funeral. This phenomenon is more predominant in Europe and quite rare in America. In modern days, phantom funerals seem to be extremely rare.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

How to Spot a Witch

We've all heard of Bloody Mary, Baby Blue and the creepy Three Kings Game. Might I introduce you to this old legend spread around the area where I'm from. One might say it's one of the OG paranormal games. However, the elders probably wouldn't call it a game. It is believed that if you follow certain steps, you will be able to tell exactly who is a witch.

On the Saint Lucia which is on the 13th of December, one should start building a tripod chair. The tripod chair should be made out of wood and should not contain any sort of metal. One should finish the tripod exactly on the Christmas Eve or 24th of December. Next step is to take the finished chair to the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, stand at the back of the church and wait. At the moment when the priest raises a wafer in the air, one should climb on the chair and look. That is when all the witches will be unmasked by their heads being turned away from the altar. The tricky part is if the witches notice the person. One should immediately climb down from the chair and run to the next church. The witches will try to ketch the person who saw them. It is helpful to throw salt and wool behind you. It supposedly slows witches down. If the person makes it to the next church, one is safe. However, if the person does not make it, the witches will tear them apart.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Croatia's Most Famous Haunted House

When talking about paranormal in Croatia, it is almost impossible to forget the haunted house in Ċ krinjari, a village near the town of Bjelovar. This house attracted attention of media as well as paranormal enthusiasts over the years and it is, without a doubt, one of the most famous haunted locations in Croatia. 

Even though the house exists since 50s, it was in the 70s when the house gained bad reputation. In the 70s, new owner bought the house as a gift to his son. They decided to tear the old house down and build a new one. The mystery was created when, suddenly, before the house was even finished, they stopped the entire project and put the house on the market. The true reason for their sudden change of hearts is unknown. Some say the family simply didn't have enough money to finish the house while others think something much darker was happening. The new owner was allegedly involved with something paranormal even before he bought the house and it followed him wherever he went. Apparently, in order to get rid of the entity, he needed a specific location to which the entity could attach itself to. Therefore, he strictly stated in the contract of the house that he is selling both the house and everything in it. The „everything in it“ part, didn't only concern furniture instead it was purposely written in order to leave the entity at the specific location and therefore, the new owner would be free of it. Paranormal phenomenon started occurring in the house the moment he managed to sell it. The last owners moved out just a few months after they bought it. Allegedly, they were ready to give the house for free to anyone who manages to stay in it till the morning. Ever since 1997 the house is being sold for a very low price. 

Nowadays, there are various stories circulating around about different people who tried to stay in the house over night. Allegedly, even two policemen decided to investigate the house. However, their equipment didn't work inside of the house and in the morning they were found walking the house completely disoriented. 

Since no one lived there for decades, the house is basically a ruin now. However, that doesn't stop those looking for an adventure to check it out.

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Entities Imitating the Living

Have you ever heard your loved ones calling your name only to find out they never did? I'm going to raise this question ever further! Have you ever had a full conversation with what you thought were your loved ones when in reality it was nothing?!

This phenomenon is more common than you might expect, therefore there are several theories on what it could be. Theories range from the psychological (sleep deprivation, hypogognic state, mental disorders) to paranormal. However, if we feel as if psychological factors do not apply to our situation and if there are other unexplained phenomena occurring as well, we search further and end up with paranormal theories. From spirits to doppelgangers, there are numerous paranormal explanations for such phenomenon. 

Now, to make your search easier, here are few paranormal theories on what this phenomena could be:

This is the most common theory. It seems that spirits sometimes just crave a little attention so they will imitate the living in order to get it. Maybe we didn't know them when they were alive and they don't want to scare us with an unfamiliar voice so they chose to sound like someone we like. They just want you to turn around and notice them. Some maybe need help with crossing over as well. 

There are some theories which state that the entity is pretending to be somebody else in order to hide its true identity. The entity will act as a loved one to get attention and gain trust of a person. However, their behavior might be more of a mocking nature rather than just being called once. So, they sound like your loved ones but they don't necessarily act like them. These entities are usually mischievous spirits, but they could also be joker spirits or, very rarely, demons. It all depends on the intensity and gut feeling. 

Another theory centers on bilocation or the ability of being at two different locations at the same time. The signs of bilocation include two different people encountering the same living person at the same time in a different place. Related to bilocation, there is also multilocation. Multilocation considers the reports of the same living person being at multiple different locations at the same time. 

Some believe that what we're hearing is actually a replica of a living person or, as sometimes refered to as a doppelganger. Doppelganger is most likely to appear as an apparition of ourselves and, very rarely, as an apparition of other living people. However, if one does encounter a doppelganger of somebody else, the person in question should be very close to its replica. Moreover, it is believed that the double always stays close to its counterpart.

It is considered that hauntings are sometimes gatherings of energy. What if these gatherings aren't only reserved for the other side? Some theorize that the living could create these energy gatherings as well. This occurs if the sustained energy is being produced over a longer period of time in a certain location which then creates a low form of intelligence of its own. This type of haunting is sometimes referred to as an elemental haunting. In case of an elemental haunting, familiar sounds and visuals specific for a certain environment will occur.  Therefore, sometimes we might be the ones creating our own haunting.


These types of situations can be confusing and very strange. Trust me, you are not alone. I have had several experiences with the mentioned phenomenon and written about it.

"THE GIGGLING" - that time a friend heard me playing inside of an apartment when nobody was home. 
"THE CONVERSATION" - that time I has a conversation with my sister only to find she was never really there.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

First Time I Saw a Ghost

Ghosts, witches and spooks, oh my! Ever since I could remember, paranormal phenomenon was one of my key interests. Even if I would forget about it, things that go bump at night would remind me. However, it was not until I was about 13/14 years old when I could say with certainty that whatever I saw was something of paranormal origin.

One night, while on vacation with my family, I was laying in bed listening to music. With earplugs in my ears, imagining that I'm a famous entertainer, I went to switch sides of the bed. As I turned around, I saw a full figure of a 3D shadow standing at the foot of my bed. Keep in mind I was not a sleep nor near falling a sleep. Of course, my first thoughts consisted of me trying to explain the mysterious shadow in a rational way. Although the shadow was in 3D, logical part of me ignored it and tried to explain it as a 2D shadow which we are all used to seeing. Was it a reflection from the window? The window was right in front of me, therefore the shadow would have reflected on the wall behind me. Even if it somehow  managed to reflect in such a strange 3D way, what was creating the shadow? Nothing in the room could have created that shadow so I moved on to the outside. However, we were on the third floor which would make it pretty difficult to reflect anything from the outside. On top of it, the building we were staying at was surrounded by fields not streets. As I was running out of explanations, I was hit with a realization that I cannot explain the situation rationally. That thing, whatever it is, should not be there according to everything I knew. I was covered with cold sweat. Furthermore, at that moment I remembered something the owner of the apartment informed us about; her husband had recently passed away.  I instantly jumped out of the bed, opening the door to my parents room. "Can I leave the door open for the night?" - I asked. My parents agreed without asking questions. As I returned to the bedroom, the shadow had vanished; nothing was there. Strangely, I slept pretty well that night. However, it took me a year to share the experience with my family.

Looking back, there are couple of things that were rather interesting about that encounter. To start with, the shadow did not disappear in a blink of an eye. I had always expected from shadowy encounters to last for a split second but that is not what happened. Instead, I'm pretty sure the whole situation lasted for about a good minute, if not more. When I was trying to figure out what it could be, I was looking around, turning my eyes away from it but the shadowy figure just stood there the whole time. 
Moreover, the apparition did not seem to be negative. At first, I felt confusion rather than fear, danger or dread. It was only when I realized that I cannot explain it, that I felt a bit uneasy. But that's it; uneasiness due to the fact that it was abnormal to me, not fear because the figure felt sinister.

It was years later when I found out about the phenomenon of shadow people. It made me wonder that I may have encountered a shadow person rather than a spirit. However, the fact that there was a backstory (the owner's husband recently passed away) led me to believe that maybe shadow people could sometimes just be spirits. Although I cannot be sure what it was, there is a possibility that it was a spirit who appeared in a form of a shadow.

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