Monday, May 30, 2016

Basics of Understanding Angels

So, here it goes; something that changed my life for the better. As a person who is naturally interested in paranormal, it seems only normal to explore angels as well. However, interestingly, I started noticing angels coincidentally rather than searching for them. It all happened last September when I had the strangest dream.
 In a dream random people would give coins from different countries to my friend and I. We seemed to pay attention to one specific coin; it was gold and it had a pyramid on top. The next morning, I went to the ATM. As I'm on the ATM, I notice that same coin just chilling on the ATM! I can't explain to you how sorry I am for not taking that coin or at least taking a picture of it. I've tried to google it but couldn't find it. 

Few months later, I found out that these coins are one of the signs angels give to people as a confirmation that they are here. Since then, I would be offered the abundance of information about angels out of the blue. From books, websites, cards, you name it. To my surprise, each new information I found out about these light beings made my life hundred times better. Everything seemed easier, lighter and happier and I never wanted it to stop. But it did. It stopped. You know when it stopped? When I allowed it to stop. As a human, I got overwhelmed with your regular, human everyday stuff. I wanted it back so bad. The truth is, it never went away nor did it magically appear with the coin. I allowed human everyday stuff to blur my perception and I was not able to hear angels anymore. They were nudging me every day trying to talk to me but I could not hear because I was not listening. Why wasn’t I listening? Human life seemed to force me not to take things lightly as if it’s bad to complete tasks lightly since you might give the perception of not carrying and I care; I care so much about other people. The ultimate truth angels bring is love. They want us to love ourselves to the point we can feel confident enough to spread that love in the world and ultimately serve our life purpose. The truth is, not everyone is there, and not everyone is ready to feel that unconditional love. I am one of these people. I am afraid of losses I might experience if I were to live my life purpose due to the fact that not everyone will agree with it. However, I wish you all to know that not everyone will leave you for your choices and those that do simply have different life path than you. Never judge.
In continuation, I will try to share with you basics about angels that severely changed my life perspective for the better and it is one of these things that will stay with me forever.



Angels are primarily known as spiritual beings found in various religions and spiritual teachings and practices all around the world. The word angel is derived from Greek angelos meaning messenger. Therefore, angels deliver messages between the Creator and the created. They are mentioned all thought first civilizations in antiquity; however, their origin goes way before humans and the Earth even existed. Angels originate from nothing but God’s pure thoughts of love even before there were space and time.


 Angels exist in a completely different dimension from the one humans are familiar with, making their perception very different than ours. Firstly, they exist in the highest dimension of pure light. This means they only know the truth and nothing but the truth. Secondly, there is neither time nor space in the angel realm. Therefore, angels are not bound by earthly boundaries. Summed up, this means angels have the best possible perception of reality with the purest of intentions.


English writer G. K. Chesterton once stated that “angels fly because they take themselves lightly” and he could not be more right. The reason why they take themselves lightly is due to the fact that they, unlike humans, see no obstacles in living the highest truth in the present. As mentioned before, time and space do not exist in the realm of angels. This means there is no big or small tasks, complicated or simple assignments, easy or hard route neither there is yesterday or tomorrow. For angels, there is only living for the highest good at this moment. With such perspective, angels can see past the surface and only focus on the good within us.


It is important to mention that angels are not worshiped nor they wish to be worshiped. Their purpose with humans is, as mentioned before, to deliver messages between the Creator and us. Each and every one of us has the right and the ability to connect with the Creator and therefore receive messages from angels. Divine assistance is always available to everybody! Angels are here to help us and lead us towards the direction of bringing happiness and healing in the world. Messages we receive from angels are always in our best interest and they are filled with unconditional love. For humans, angels are the most loving and trustworthy partners in life. Moreover, angels are extremely happy and excited when they are called to help. For them, this is their natural state.

Once you feel the real truth of angels, you will never go back. I ask myself and all of you: “What’s truth like?” No matter what your or mine answer is, this particular answer is the ultimate reality we live in aware of it or not. Each and every one of us creates the reality. It doesn’t only create our reality; it ultimately creates the world we exist in. This responsibility might frighten many without ever knowing that it will set free the power within us we yearn for and give us voice to be heard. Facing the angel’s truth, we are opening our eyes and seeing ourselves and our surroundings objectively, realistically and for what it truly is. It ultimately makes you feel, sense, hear, see, smell and taste the beauty within you and around you. That’s what magic really is.

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Black Eyed Children

Let's explore the paranormal phenomenon known as black eyed children. Majority of us who are familiar with this phenomenon heard about it over the internet as yet another urban legend. But is it just an urban legend? Those who encountered black eyed children might not agree with those who claim that this is just an internet hoax.

Exactly like their name says, these are children with solid pitch black eyes without pupils or irises. They generally either appear alone or in pair. No one surely knows who or what they are neither where do they come from. Most of the encounters with them happen at deserted areas. However, there are more and more reports of black eyed children arriving at people’s doorstep. It does not matter if the children approach you at the deserted area or if you open the door of your home to them, each encounter sounds pretty much the same. The moment you encounter black eyed children, you will feel extreme sense of danger without the actual reason for it. Furthermore, the children will desperately try to hide their eyes away from you by not looking directly at you or even hiding their eyes with hoodies or glasses. This might give you the impression that they are a bit shy. However, majority of people are immediately aware that something is very wrong when they encounter these shy yet extremely threatening children. Black eyed children will than ask you a favor. Usually, they ask for a place to stay or a ride home. For unexplained reasons, it seems to be terribly hard to reject them. However, according to the legend, it’s absolutely necessary to firmly and politely reject their request. Apparently, they don't give up easily and will proceed to ask you for a favor. It is important that you reject them every single time no matter how hard or uncomfortable it is. If you manage to get rid of them, you are safe. It is unknown what happens when someone complies with their requests. Some believe black eyed children will murder the person who agrees while others claim that’s how you become one of them.

According to Mystic Files, black eyed children were first mentioned in 1988. That's when a journalist Brian Bethel allegedly encountered them. After he reported this strange event, several different people came forward with similar stories as well. Since then, there have been reported numerous encounters with black eyed children and, nowadays, the internet seems to be full of stories about these mysterious beings.

Skeptics claim that Brian Bethel came up with the story to further his career and that the majority of the stories online are simply a fraud. On the contrary, believers state that there are just too many reports of black eyed children for all of them to be a fraud. So, which is it? No one can surely say. Both sides hold really good cases. Truth is, there are probably many frauds online, however, as they say, where there's a smoke there is a fire and, therefore, we shouldn’t just dismiss a person who encounters them. Instead, let’s keep our mind open and keep on investigating! Also, did you know there are white eyed children now as well? Learn about them here.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Spirits Visiting in Dreams

Many people encounter their loved ones who have passed on in their dreams. Majority claim these experiences feel a bit different than your everyday dream. They seem to be a lot more calming and peaceful. The reason why our loved ones usually visit us is to simply let us know that they are fine and happy at the other side. Today I would like to share with you two stories about my experiences with spirits visits in dreams.


The first dream is quite strange for me. When I was around 22, I was at my grandmother's place for few weeks in the summer. One night, I went to bed and dreamed one of the most confusing dreams I have ever dreamed. The dream was very vivid and realistic. I dreamed that I'm sleeping when I heard someone enter the door. I just knew it was my grand grandmother and I got the mental picture of her in my head. I was lying in bed facing away from the door; I didn't want to turn around because for some reason I taught it would be best to pretend that I'm a sleep. I heard my grand grandmother mumbling something along the lines: "Who is that sleeping there? Who is that girl? Oh, well..."That's all that I could remember from a dream. Later while thinking about the dream, aside from the shock and fear I felt in my dream, I was more stunt to find out that my grad grandmother didn't recognize me. When she passed away, I was 14 which confuses me a bit. Maybe it's because I dye my hair.


This dream happened in December last year just a few days after my grandfather's brother passing. This was one of the most beautiful dreams I've ever dreamed. It's actually quite hard for me to say if this was actually a dream but the logical side of me assumes it was. As I was lying in bed suddenly a bright light appeared all over my vision. It felt extremely warm and loving. There appeared to be several angels in the light wearing pastel colors, mostly light pink. They wanted to share a message. They told me my grandpa's brother is fine, very happy and satisfied at the place he is at.  It all lasted for a split second when the light disappeared and I found myself awake lying on the bed.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Annabelle, the Haunted Doll

You might be familiar the following story if you have seen the movie "Annabelle". The movie is based on the true story about the allegedly possessed doll. Let's put Hollywood aside for a moment and explore the actual events which lead to the belief that Annabelle might be haunted.

Actual photo of the original Annabelle

In 1970, a mother bought a Raggedy Ann doll as a present for her daughter Donna who, at the time, was a college student. She was living in a tiny apartment with her roommate Angie. A few days after Donna brought the doll into the apartment, both her and her roommate started noticing strange things happening. At first, the doll would change posture without explanation while later the doll would be found in completely different rooms. Aside from the movements, the doll would allegedly write messages as well. Donna and Angie would find messages saying "help me" written on paper. The situation went even worse when, one night, Donna found that the doll moved to her bad. Besides the movement, Donna felt like this time something really was not right. As she went to inspect the doll, she saw red drops on the back of the dolls hands and chest. After that incident, the girls called a medium to the apartment. The medium informed them that the doll is possessed by a spirit of a little girl who inhabited doll because she felt comfortable around girls. Both Donna and Angie felt bad for the little girl so they have allowed her to stay. Quickly after the session with the medium, strange things started happening again and this time, they were worse. Lou, a friend of Donna and Angie, experienced sleep paralysis during which he was choked by the doll. He also experienced what is probably the worse experience with Annabelle. Once, Lou and Angie were home alone when they heard rustling from Donnas’ room. As Lou went to inspect, there was nothing out of the ordinary except from Annabelle whom was tossed in the corner of the room. When he got closer to the doll, he felt like someone is behind him. Lou quickly turns around only to find there was nobody there. That is when he found himself bleeding from his chest. There were seven distinct claw marks on his chest. Mysteriously, these marks healed in two days. After Lou’s experience, Donna visited a priest who looked for help from another priest who then contacted the Warrens. Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators, quickly learned that the doll is not possessed by the spirit of the little girl. Instead it was possessed by an inhumane demonic spirit. The case was finished when the priest blessed the apartment as a cleansing. As for the doll, she was taken by the Warrens and placed in a special case at the Warren Occult Museum and that's where she remains till this day

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Phantom Smells

Have you ever smelled something out of the ordinary? Maybe a freshly cut grass in the middle of the winter? It stunts you but you didn't think much of it because it's just a smell. Considering we're living in a very visual world, majority of us might easily dismiss the messages we receive through our other senses including the smells. 


Paranormal or phantom smells consider smelling unusual scents without known source. When I first experienced this, I was around fourteen and I smelled milk on the stairs of my home. It was very intense and obvious, however, that never stopped me from dismissing it. It was years later when I finally started acknowledging this phenomenon so don't feel bad, we all do it! In the psychic world, the ability to smell unknown scents is usually considered as clairsentience. Clairsentience is a psychic ability to sense paranormal phenomenon with your feelings. Although, there is an actual name specifically for experiencing phantom smells; clairolfactory, it's not as mainstream as clairsentience.


The most common smell for me is, what I named, a graveyard smell.  The graveyard smell smells of candles and flowers. The first time I experienced it was pretty intense. I was up kind of late and as I finally went to bed the entire room started being filled with the smell of flowers and candles. I felt like I was at the funeral. However, my logic mind tried to rationalize it, so I was walking around trying to figure out what could it be. At one point, I was even checking if the gas was leaking even thought it smelled nothing like gas. I guess I just wanted a rational explanation. The smell appeared at around 1 or 2 AM and it lasted till 5 AM so that was pretty much a sleepless night for me. Since then, I've smelled graveyard smell countless times to the point that there were other people smelling it as well.


When talking about paranormal smells, majority of people will think of bed smells including burning or rotting. However, besides these uncomfortable smells, there are also pleasant ones. In my life, I had the chance to smell sweet smells (similar to Cola), chamomile and male cologne. So, how to know if the smell is good or bad? It's pretty simple. Does it stink or does it smell nice? If it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable, it's probably nothing bad. Majority of people reports smelling cigarettes, candles, flowers and perfume. Sometimes these smells would remind them of the deceased loved one who is probably just visiting them. Therefore, before dismissing the smells or labeling them as bad, trust your emotions and the gut feeling.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Prophetic Dreams

When I was nineteen years old, I had a dream about looking for a place to stay. Some older lady walked me in to the cutest studio apartment. In a dream I thought: "This would be perfect for me." A month later, I was actually looking to rent a place. As I went to check one of the apartments, I was stunt to see that the inside of this apartment looked exactly like the one I dreamed. Might I mention that I never saw this apartment before. 


Prophetic dreams are simply precognitive dreams. In these dreams a person receives information about the future. The tricky part is that we usually don't know which dreams are prophetic until the moment when they come true. However, sometimes we might feel like a certain dream was prophetic and it comes true but it's quite rare. While we are sleeping, we are a lot more open to paranormal phenomenon. That's why we might receive more vivid information in our dreams rather than in everyday life when we don't have time to notice them or we are not as observant as we could be.

Majority of prophetic dreams are about life changing events or even events which will have global effect although sometimes these dreams might me about smaller events or about seemingly random useless information. There were times when I'd dream that I overslept and then I'd usually oversleep in reality that same day. Also, once I dreamed that random people would give coins from different countries to my friend and I. We seemed to like this one specific coin; it was gold and it had a pyramid on the top. The next morning, I went to the ATM. Believe in ot not, there was that same coin just chilling on the ATM! I can't explain to you how sorry I am for not taking that coin or at least taking a picture of it. I've tried to google it but couldn't find it. At least now, I'm paying more attention and listening to my intuition a bit more.

If you wish to know whether you are having prophetic dreams or not, I'd suggest to keep a dream journal. You might be surprised later. Several months back, I found a dream journal I shortly kept as a child. I was stunt to find a dream in which I visited a specific island with my friend because several months after that dream, I visited that same island with that same friend. I completely forgot about that dream and if I didn't write it down I would have never known about it. Therefore, the moment you wake up, immediately write down your dreams. You can write anything you remember; colors, events, people, sound... Everything is allowed. Keeping a dream journal will not only help you keep a track of your prophetic dreams but it will help improve your memory and creativity, encourage lucid dreaming and you will be better at remembering your dreams in general. 

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Ouija Board

This seems to be quite a popular topic when it comes to paranormal. There are numerous stories about Ouija board ending badly. It is important to understand that majority of these stories are fake. However, there is a pretty good amount of experiences which seem to be valid. So, let's take a look at this infamous board designed to summon spirits.


For some Ouija board is a game, while for others, it is a divination tool. The main purpose of the board is to communicate with the spirit realm. It was first commercially introduced in the 19th century with the boom of spiritualism. Ouija board is a flat board with letters in alphabetical order, numbers from zero to nine, yes, no and good bye written on it. It is played with the planchette. Participants are supposed to put the planchette in the middle of the board facing up. Then lightly put four fingers on the planchete and simply start asking questions. The spirit will answer questions by moving the planchette to yes/no, certain numbers or it will spell the answer with letters of the alphabet. If the spirit moves the planchette to goodbye, participants should politely say goodbye as well and end the game. Besides the spirit, the participants also have the control to end the game. They should simply drag the planchette to goodbye themselves.


1. Don't play if you don't want to.
2. Never play alone.
3. Never play while in bad mood.
4. Protect yourself in any way you feel appropriate before the game (prayer, affirmations, white light, happy thoughts)
5. Always be polite.
6. Ask simple questions.
7. Never ask questions you don't want the answers to (aka when you're going to die)
8. End the game if feeling uncomfortable.
9. Always say goodbye.


Ouija boards work the way you want them to work weather aware of it or not. Our thoughts create our perception and our perception is our reality. Therefore, if you are completely closed and don't believe in it, it probably won't work. On the contrary, if you are extremely open and you are expecting for something to happen, the planchette will probably move like crazy. Moreover, the power of suggestion and idiomotor effect play a big role in this game. With a power of suggestion, a person can be heavily influenced by other players weather they are firm believers or firm unbelievers. On the other hand, scientists propose the phenomenon called idiomotor effect as one of the reasons Ouija boards might work for some people. This phenomenon basically considers someone moving the planchette unconsciously. 


The answer is already hidden in the part above; what you expect is what you get. People are naturally afraid of the unknown and especially nowadays when all of us are heavily influenced by the media which portrays paranormal phenomenon as terrifying and evil. With all that going on in our minds, it's only natural to expect something bad is going to happen. Just remember that light attracts light while dark attracts dark. Therefore, what you put out is what you're going to get. If you are going to play the game feeling unpleasant emotions (fear, anger, sadness), you're probably going to get unpleasant emotions back. That's why many believe that Ouija board should only be played if you are in a good mood and in a happy place. Scientifically speaking, when in a happy place, even if the planchette moves, it will spell out positive answers. From the spiritual point of view, that way, you are attracting positive spirits. Whatever your beliefs are, as long as you are doing it positively, you're safe.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Shadow People

Several times when I was sleeping and just about to wake up, there would be two shadows next to my bed. I'd hear them say: "C'mon, let’s go. She's about to wake up. We have to go." Moments later, I'd be fully awake and there would be no one but me inside of the bedroom.

Shadow people are known as shadowy apparitions of a humanoid figure usually encountered either during the night often in a state of sleep paralysis or in the peripheries of our vision. They are described as humanoid shadows without any facial features whose height varies from a shadow of a child to them being as tall as the ceiling. Encounters with these apparitions probably exist since there were people and there have been numerous reports about them thought the history. However, they seem to be more talked about today. The reason for it might be simple; we live in a lot more open-minded age with the access to the internet which are two basic factors for talking about the unknown and quickly sharing it.


While some report shadow people seemed to be friendly and even describe them as a type of a guardian others claim that these creatures are not friendly at all but rather quite sinister. Furthermore, some believe that the taller the shadow, the more sinister it is. However, there are reports of child-like shadows described as equally terrifying. From my experience, shadow person didn't cause me to think it was friendly nor it frightened me; it seemed to just be there.  Therefore, I believe our feelings are our best guides when it comes to shadow people. 


The Hat Man is believed to be a type of a shadow person who can be recognized by wearing a hat. Unlike other shadowy apparition, this one seems to always be of a sinister nature (if anyone had a positive encounter with the Hat Man, I'd really like to hear so feel free to let me know!) Sometimes, the Hat Man is described to have eyes; often their eyes seem to glow in reddish or bluish tone. The Hat Man usually appears when a person is going through a very stressful time. Therefore, positive mindset is very important when it comes to paranormal (and probably every other aspect of life). 


Science explains this phenomenon as "the old hag syndrome" or sometimes called "the night hag syndrome".  In the state between sleeping and waking up, people experience sleep paralysis and powerful hallucinations. Sleep paralysis is the result of a mechanism in which our body is unable to move during sleep to avoid possible injuries. Sometimes our mind wakes up before our body which causes us to be unable to move. Moreover, it is believed that during that period, a part of our mind still continues to dream while our consciousness is awake therefore resulting in consciously seeing different apparitions. Many of the experiences don't necessarily fit under the old hag syndrome therefore still leaving it open for an interpretation. Like with the majority of paranormal phenomena, science just stops at one point. However, fortunately, in modern dy and age scientists are at least trying to figure it out instead of just labeling it as a lie, evil or crazy. 


So, what could it be from the paranormal perspective? Well, the internet is full of different theories. Some believe shadow people could be ghosts. I believe theshadow person I encountered at one point in my life was a spirit; you can read about it here. Others argue that the shadow people are completely different entities from ghosts or, for that matter, that they are separate from any other paranormal entities. There are theories they could be of a demonic nature because of the terror or fear one could experience during the encounter. However, others claim that the spirit might have the ability to cause these feelings as well. Another theory proposes shadow people could be extra terrestrials considering that the majority of the alleged abductions happen during the hypogognic state. Some even claim shadow people are what people look like while astral traveling. An interesting theory is the one suggesting these shadowy apparitions are thought forms. If we were to invest a good amount of energy into a certain taught, some believe it could take a form of its own. While this is very often the reason for hauntings, many believe shadow people don’t fit under that category. As with majority of paranormal phenomenon, there are many different suggestions and theories of which none are firm and solid. As I said before, we should follow our intuition when it comes to paranormal and shadow people are not an exception. Therefore, try to come up with your own conclusion to you own specific situation. What do you think what the thing you saw was?

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Cleansing Your Home

When talking about paranormal, we have to mention the process of cleansing. People in different cultures have been doing this for years. Your home doesn't necessary has to be haunted for you to do it. Cleansing a home is good for so many reasons. Sometimes we just want to get rid of the uncomfortable atmosphere after an argument, an illness, break up or even just if you want that feeling of a fresh start. Furthermore, cleansings are recommended if you are moving into a new space or if your roommate or anyone who used to live with you moves out. Tricks which I use for cleansing are all pretty simple. They can be used separately, in different combinations or all together.


Firstly, it is very important to clean up your home and get rid of clutter. Once I read something pretty awesome; if you haven't worn a shirt for over six months, you don't need it. The truth is, we own so many things we don't need and what we are creating is a useless and stale energy. This type of energy creates a feeling of stagnation in our life and it prevents us from taking action. Moreover, I'm a firm believer that everything has a purpose and your shirt is not an exception. Therefore, if the shirt isn't serving its purpose, what's the point of it? Let your creativity flow and give your shirt a purpose. If you don't want to wear it anymore, think economically and sustainably. If the shirt is in a good condition, donate it to charity. Not only are you cleansing your home but you're helping others as well! That's a win-win. If the shirt is in a bad condition and you feel as if it wouldn't be appropriate to donate it, think about what else you can do with it. May be you could use it as a rag for cleaning or use the material to create a unique handmaid bag. Just let your creativity flow!


In this day and age, we frequently forget to open the blinds and open windows. At least once a day try to ventilate your home. Just open the windows to let the sun and fresh air enter your home. You will sense an enormous difference just by this one action. 


When cleansing your home it's always good to ask angels to step in. You can ask Archangel Michael to pitch in as well. He is a specialist when it comes to clearing negative energies. Many people get confused as to how to talk to angels and the reason why so many of us get confused is because it's just too simple. You simply ask them to help you clear the energy in your home and that's it. You can say it silently or out loud, it doesn't matter, they will hear you.


Having a positive attitude will fill any space with high vibrating positive energy. In order to get to that peaceful state, you should be very honest with yourself. Deal with your feelings and different situations that appear on your path as much as possible. It's helpful to keep a journal so that you can see what your thoughts and actions are like in certain situations. That way you will get a clearer picture of how thoughts, emotions and actions are related and it will make it easier for you to understand yourself and love yourself. Always remember that perception is reality and we are free and ABLE to create the reality we wish to live in thought our thoughts, emotions and actions. 


This might be a bit far stretched for some since there is no scientific evidence about it but what if you were about to take a glass of water say around it: "I am a happy person." and then drink it. There must be a reason why holy water is prayed over. Furthermore, salt is believed to have protective properties. Therefore mixing salt and water and praying over it, saying positive affirmations or whatever you feel comfortable will create powerful tool with cleansing properties. You can sprinkle water thought your home and pour some of it on the doorstep.  


Candles illuminate the space and give it warmth. White candles in particular are good for cleansing spaces. Simply light the candle in a room you wish to cleanse or in all the rooms if you wish to cleanse your entire home. Feel free to pray or send happy thoughts over it and simply let the candle entirely burn on its own.


Sage is one of the most common cleansing tools and it's generally used in smudging which means cleansing the space with so with smoke. Burn the sage and let the fire stop on its own so that it starts smoking. It is believed you should start in the kitchen and then move from room to room clockwise. In each room you should smudge from left to right (clockwise) and especially over the windows and doors. Feel free to say a prayer while smudging, ask angels for help or use positive visualizations or affirmations. Once you're done, put the remaining burning sage in a bowl filled with salt. If you wish to stop the burning quicker, you can gently pat sage on the salt.


If you are good with visualizations this could be a great technique for you. Open your mind to positive thoughts and images. Imagine your home slowly being filled with refreshing white light, room by room. Use this technique with other techniques as well; it will make them as twice as effective!

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Growing Up in a Haunted Building Part II

Yesterday, I shared one story from the haunted building I grew up in. Since a bunch of spooky stuff happened there, today I decided to share yet another story that originated from the same place.
Following story is pretty similar to the previous one and that's what makes it even freakier. When I was eleven, I was home alone doing my homework. My mom was at work and my dad went to pick up my sister from school. As I'm doing my homework, I hear my sister and my dad return home. Dad goes straight to the living room and I hear him placing the keys on the table. My sister goes to our room; we were sharing a room at the time. She puts her bag on the floor and starts to tease me. She was teasing me about why I' doing my homework so late. As an eleven year old that frustrated me so much because I just got back home from school and immediately started working on my homework. As she was teasing me more and more, I was becoming more and more frustrated so I decided to tell her off. That’s when I turned around only to find that there was nobody there! I just had a full blown conversation with, what I thought was my sister when in reality it was nothing. So, I went to check the apartment hoping that someone is there. But no one was home. The doors were locked, my sister wasn't there and neither was my dad. At that moment I just went to the phone and called my friend over.

Interestingly, the yesterday's story shares similarities with today's post; imitation. For whatever reason, it appears something or someone liked to mimic people, especially my family. Honestly, thinking about it makes me both curious and a bit uneasy. Curiosity got me to research this topic a bit further, but, at the end of the day, it did not leave me with much answers.

<< Growing up in a Haunted Building Part I

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Growing Up in a Haunted Building

There was a time when this girl was living in a haunted building. A bunch of unexplained phenomena occurred there to multiple witnesses. Today, I will share with you one of many strange events that happened while I lived there. 

Once, when I was about eight years old, my sister and I were home alone and we decided to go to the playground. After a while, we decided to return home. As we were returning home, we ran into a friend of ours who was very visibly upset with us and we didn't understand why. So, our friend started to explain the situation. She claimed that just a few moments ago, she was at our apartment ringing the doorbell trying to hang out with us but we didn't want to let her in. She says she heard me inside of the apartment playing, laughing and giggling. So, clearly, she was upset because she thought we were home but didn't want to let her in. My sister and I were staring at her in disbelief knowing that actually nobody is home. It took us a while to explain to her that the apartment was empty. Luckily she came around. Imagine how freaky it is to learn someone witness you at the certain location while that's not the real you due to the fact that in reality you are somewhere else!

This really left me wondering what this phenomenon could be. I researched it but it still leaves me wondering. Maybe it were spirits imitating us, bilocation or something else. Check out my toughts/research on what that phenomena could be here!

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Angel Hugs

Have you ever felt a hug without seeing who is hugging you? Was this experience so incredibly wonderful and blissful that you are really hopping it will happen again? Well, there is a chance you were hugged by an angel!

Angel’s hugs are reported quite often. Most likely they will occur when a person is in need of comfort. However, there are also reports of this phenomenon in the moments of high relaxation. That is when we are extremely open and susceptible. Therefore, you might feel an angel hug while daydreaming, meditating, sleeping or when in hypnogognic state. These hugs feel different than your average hug. They are very warm and comfortable. When experiencing an angel hug, people feel the most wonderful feeling of unconditional love. Some people report the feeling of tickling or tingling during these experiences. Interestingly, regardless the fact that you are just being hugged by something you can't see, you will not be afraid. The feeling of love is just so strong that all fears just vanish. 

Some believe that these mysterious hugs could also be delivered by people who passed away. Maybe our loved one just wanted to comfort us. The difference between an angel hug and the spirit hug is that when hugged by a spirit, people can usually identify who is hugging them. There might be other signs pointing to their loved ones or they will simply know that it was their friend or a relative. Also, spirit hugs feel more present as if you can feel someone else being there with you. 

In conclusion, not all paranormal experiences are necessarily scary. Not only that they are not always scary, some of them are actually pretty wonderful to experience. Ever in need of a hug? Just ask your angels!

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