Friday, June 24, 2016

Predictions of Baba Vanga

Among various psychics and researches on the topic of premotion, it is believed that everyone is psychic to a certain degree. That degree is based on nothing but practice. It is just like painting, writing, singing or any other ability. The more you practice, the better you become at it. There are lots of people in this world who decided to take time and work on their psychic abilities. Some of them, just like with singing, writing or painting, became famous for it. Today we will explore one woman whose psychic abilities got her to be pretty recognized.


Vangelia Gushterova (1911-1996) or more commonly known as Baba Vanga was a Bulgarian mystic who allegedly possessed paranormal abilities. Even though she always exhibited paranormal preferences such as playing “healing” with her friends as a child, a turning point in her life was a tornado during which she lost her sight leaving her blind.  After the incident, she began to develop clairvoyant abilities. Eventually, she started researching herbs and became an herbalist as well. Her abilities quickly started capturing interest of many which is pretty extraordinary for a woman who was semi-literate. That’s right; Baba Vanga was not quite literate nor did she ever write any books herself. Despite being semi-literate Baba Vanga attracted attention of many celebrities and political figures. She used her abilities until the day she passed away in 1996 and, allegedly, even predicted her own death.  

Her biggest predictions that came true:
  • The beginning of World War II and the consequences
  • The break-up of Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union and Yugoslavia
  • The union of East and West Germany
  • Nuclear disaster in Chernobyl (Ukraine)
  • The date of Stalin’s death
  • The USA attacks on September 11th, 2001
  • The 44th USA president will be black
  • The conflicts in Syria

Predictions that are still to come true according to Baba Vanga:
  • Cancer and AIDS will be cured from the medicine made from iron.
  • There will be time when water will be more expensive than gold.
  • Around 2020 trains will be charged with sun energy and the oil extraction will stop.
  • Around 2018-2020 scientists will initiate projects for producing helium-3 energy from space.
  • Around 2050 people will travel to other worlds with a speed 10 times faster than the speed of light.
  • In 200 years humans will make a contact with aliens.
  • The world will not disappear soon but it will change. The borders will disappear and people will live together in peace and cooperation.
  • Peace for 1000 years will settle on Earth when people will realize the existence of the spiritual world.

Weather you believe her predictions or not, it is hard to deny that Baba Vanga had some good points. All of us are aware that we will and already are paying for the consequences of pollution as well as majority of people nowadays are striving to create a better society. However, when Baba Vanga’s predictions took place, it was way before the ideas about sustainability were known to general public and especially for a woman who couldn’t even read. Therefore, if she got it, there is no excuse for modern society with so many available resources not to at least try to get it. Unless, we are not ready.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bringing Imaginary Friends to Life

Have you ever had an imaginary friend? I know I did; several of them. Actually, I still have them and I have no intent of getting rid of them any time soon. What if there was a possibility for our imaginary friends to become alive? Well, that idea was actually turned into theory and it is named Tulpa.


Firstly, people with imaginary friends are AWARE that their imaginary friends are a product of their imagination. They are defined as a psychological and social phenomenon where a friendship or other interpersonal relationship is created in a world of imagination. Unfortunately, imaginary friends occasionally come with a bit of a negative stigma. Many falsely believe that imaginary friends are harmful dragging the person away from the reality and creating problems in the future. Luckily, that stigma has been proved as untrue. Instead, studies show they are more of a benefit rather than a harmful creation. Benefits of having imaginary friends include heightened creativity, better coping skills, emotion regulation, and empathy or understanding others, developing better social skills, increasing self-esteem and bringing the feeling of hope. Therefore, the study’s results conclude that people with imaginary friends are more creative and socially competent people with great coping skills.


Having an imaginary friend is like having your own personal psychotherapist. You can reveal your inner world to them without the fear of being judged; share your dreams and goals, your fears and anxieties. While doing so, imaginary friends become a powerful tool for observing your inner world. They help you understand your situation better in a realistic yet positive way.
Contrary to a popular belief, imaginary friends usually don’t drag us away from our family and friends instead they are just friends who seem to be there anytime we need them. Instead of them dragging us away from our close ones, they actually help understand and solve the differences that might come between us and our friends/family. So, the next time when a person with an imaginary friend forgives you for your actions or apologizes for their own, they have probably been talking to their imaginary friend who actually just helped you fix your relationship.
Imaginary friends also guide us thought tasks we are trying to accomplish. They give us ideas, lead us on the proper way, give great advice, and help us solve our assignments or even create a new project. With our imaginary friends at hand we somehow manage to have better results than when we are not cooperating with them. They are kind of like guardian angels except mine doesn't have wings therefore I felt as if I should create a guardian angel as well; he has wings.


Now, the interesting part! Some believe imaginary friends can be created in real life just by the power of thoughts. That being is then called Tulpa. Tulpas, unlike imaginary friends, are creations of the mind living outside of you. They have their own personality, free will, emotions, memories and they are able to think for themselves. As tulpas grow older, their life experiences will shape them into a person with their own hopes, dreams and beliefs. Sounds pretty cool.
According to there are two general ways you can see your tulpa which makes me wonder if maybe they are just an imaginary friend. First, you can see them in your mind’s eye and second, as a real entity in real life. The truth is, majority of people with imaginary friends see them with their mind’s eye. However, the fact that some may see them as a real entity in real life seems quite interesting. The process of working on being able to perceive tulpa in real life by its creator it’s called imposition. Imposition seems like the form of a self-imposed hallucination.
Since creation and imposition of tulpa are clearly very subjective, there are several different ways on how to do it. However, the one thing they all have in common are thoughts. Person should invest a lot of energy into coming up with the personality and appearance as well as visualizations and having extremely vivid conversations with their tulpa. Basically, it’s like playing a really intense game of play pretend. The more you do it, the more real your tulpa.

So, tulpas are basically another level of imaginary friends. It is quite an interesting concept and it’s a great example of how far a human mind can go. The more time passes by, it seems more and more like there really isn’t a limit to our minds. Keep evolving!

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Visit from the Dead Via Computer

The following short story is a true paranormal experience which happened to my father. It is quite different from majority of encounters I have heard about. Also, we have an idea about what it could be.

Several months ago, my dad was at his computer when suddenly the screen went dark. At first he tought something was wrong with the computer. However, a split second later, he saw a shadow on the screen. It was not a reflection; it was as if the video was playing. The shadow moved from one side of the screen to another, turned towards my dad, looked at him, turned back again and then went through the light. The computer screen turned back to normal. My dad says it happened in the split second. What's interesting about this case is that my dad uses an old computer from 2004 which makes it a pretty slow and the graphics especially are quite bad. However, my dad claims the graphics were as perfect as the real world. What makes the situation even more interesting is that at that time of the occurrence one of my dad's best friends was in a comma and unfortunately, he passed away a few days later. The little spiritual person in me believes he came to say goodbye to my dad.

It is no secret that the spirits are known to manipulate the electronics. The theory says spirits can use the power of the devices (battery, electricity) to make themselves known. Even recent scientific studies point that there is a possibility for such phenomena. If you wish to read about the study, click here. Therefore, paranormal investigators using electronic equipment might be on to something! 

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Room 428 in Ohio University Closed Because of Paranormal

If you are thinking about applying to college and wish to study at Ohio University, you absolutely can, but only if you don’t mind that it is one of the most haunted campuses in the world. Especially the Wilson Hall where one of the rooms is so haunted that it is actually forbidden for students to stay in it. Makes you wonder if they put that on the brochure.

The Ohio University in Athens, Ohio was established in 1804 and it contains several haunted places on campus. Each of these places has its own paranormal story but the most famous by far is, already mentioned, the Wilson Hall. The Wilson Hall is, unexpectedly, a relatively new building constructed in 1965. Allegedly, the building is located in the middle of immense pentagram consisting of five cemeteries situated in the region which might be the cause of paranormal phenomenon occurring there. Other speculation suggests that phenomena are caused by the spirit of the student who died in 1970 in the room 428. Coincidence or not, but the room 428 only happens to be that room in which you’re not allowed to stay at due to it being sealed forever. The room has been closed off when several students residing in that room complained about hearing strange sounds including footsteps as well as objects moving on their own. That’s when the room 428 was closed by the school officials who stated that the room is uninhabitable. Several different stories surround the mystery of the room 428. Some believe that the female student suffered a violent death in that room after practicing occult. It is said that the girl used room’s energy to practice astral projection as well as that she dabbled in several occult practices. However, that theory is nothing but a legend. More likely the reasons for paranormal phenomenon might be the cemeteries. In 1980 the experts discovered that Wilson Hall is built on the same location as the original site of an early cemetery of the Athens Mental Institute which was closed off in 1993.

Aside from the Wilson Hall, according to, several different places are considered haunted on the campus including Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Omicron Pi, Brown House,  Jefferson Hall, Washington Hall, Bush Hall, Shively Hall, Perkins Hall, Voigt Hall, Crawford Hall, Cutler Hall, the Convocation Center, College Green, Lin Hall or previous State Mental Hospital familiar as The Ridges. This is quite impressive for one campus.

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Haunted Mirror

There is something about mirrors that just makes them great candidates for a haunted object. Hollywood recognized this. There is always that one scene when the ghost appears in the mirror. Furthermore, there are entire movies dedicated just to mirrors (ex. The Mirrors, Occulus). For me, I have always been creeped out by this old tradition where you are supposed to cover all the mirrors in the house when someone passes away. It's all superstitions, spooky tales and irrational fears for the most of us. However, for two roommates in London, the haunted mirror was very real.


According to, in 2013, student Joseph Birch and painter Sotiris Charalambous acquired the antique mirror from their landlord who didn't want it anymore. Ever since they brought the mirror to their home, they claim to experience nothing but bad luck, misery, illness and financial problems. Furthermore, they began seeing orbs of light and glimpses of shadows in the mirror. Both of them started to feel extremely drained but when they would leave the apartment they would instantly feel better. Once, they decided to paint the walnut mirror with metallic silver. After doing so, the situation escalated. Their belongings would go missing and the radiator below the mirror stopped working despite never having problems with heating before. Strangest of all, both of them started suffering from intense nightmares. Joseph woke up covered in scratches one night and both of them claim the mirror caused them to wake up screaming in pain at the exact same time. As expected, they decided to sell the mirror. 

During the research, I could not find what exactly happened to the mirror. Aparently it had been sold but it is unknown where and to who as well if the mirror is still causing unexplained phenomena. If anyone knows where it ended up, share it with the rest of us. We are very interested!

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Floating City in the Sky

In 2015 in October, thousands of people in China were stunt to witness what appeared to be a floating city in the sky. Firstly, the floating city was seen over Foshan in the Guangdong providence of China. A few days later, the same phenomenon was reported in Jiangxi, China. Witnesses claimed the scene looked as if skyscrapers were floating on the clouds. It lasted for only few minutes after the incredible scene completely disappeared. The same phenomenon was seen over China back in 2011. It does not stop there. Just a few days later after the phenomenon was seen in China in 2015, there have been similar reports of the floating city in Hastings, a coastal town in southern England.

Some believe these incidents were faked. Experts say it was simply an optical illusion known as Fata Morgana. Despite the scientific explanation, many believe they have witnessed a parallel universe. Some took it a step further stating that the floating city was the result of Project Blue Beam testing. Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory which claims the new world order will be established once NASA simulates either an alien invasion or second coming of Christ through holograms.

Conspiracy theories aside, it seems like a fascinating sight to see even if it is just a result of Fata Morgana. Imagine walking outside and witnessing a city floating on clouds; pretty cool. I’d like to see that.

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Recurring Strangers in Dreams

Have you ever heard the allegedly scientific fact that we can only dream faces we have seen before? At first glance this seems hard to argue with since we encounter so many different faces on daily basis weather on the streets or maybe on the TV. However, I believe this research might not be as correct or as scientific as it may seem. Firstly, the brain is probably one of the least understood parts of the body and especially dreams which seem to be incredibly hard to study. Also, doesn't it seem a bit strange that a human mind wouldn't have the capacity to invent faces? Can we imagine different faces while awake? Yes, we can. So, why wouldn't we be able to do the same while unconscious.

We encounter unfamiliar faces quite a lot in our dreams. According to, about 50% of characters we encounter in dreams are not familiar to us. In some dreams up to 80% of characters could be strangers. However, we might recognize them only if they have one of main roles in a dream, somehow manage to stand up or if they appear in our dreams often. That's what I'd like to talk about; often dreaming about the people we've never met before.


Dream meanings are quite subjective therefore making it pretty hard to specify what certain aspects of dreams could mean. Some associate red with love while others might associate that same color with aggression. This means that we are our own best dream dictionary. However, common meaning of encountering strangers in dreams might represent that there are aspects of us which we may have recognized yet or we are denying and repressing them. Also, strangers might mean that we perceive someone acting strange towards us or that something in our life is strange to us.


The truth is, people are very creative and some of us just have a really vivid imagination therefore making it possible for us to create different faces in dreams. I've talked about imaginary friends before and this might seem as it could be connected. If we visualize our imaginary friends enough, they might appear in our dreams as real people which is pretty awesome. Imagination is extremely powerful and if you are an imaginative creative person, you'll probably create people in your dreams because that's who you are; imaginative creator!


There are numerous reports of people dreaming strangers only to meet them later. Therefore, these dreams sometimes might be precognitive. Usually, the stranger encountered in dream turns out to be of great significance in the dreamers life; stranger in a dream might turn out to be future wife or a husband of the dreamer. Aside from precognition, unknown people in dreams could be visits from spiritual guides, angels or, as some believe, even extraterrestrials and other beings. People are known to be more open to experience during sleep making it easier for us to connect to paranormal.

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Lokrum, Croatia's Cursed Island

There are numerous locations worldwide with the reputation of being haunted. Majority of these locations are known as haunted houses. However, besides houses being haunted there are also different locations which are considered haunted; roads, woods, tunnels, hotels, islands and more. Today we are going to explore the allegedly haunted island situated in Croatia; Lokrum.

Lokrum is a haunted island located very close to the Dubrovnik, Croatia. Its documented history dates back to 1023 when the island was given to Benedictines who were the first owners of the island. Dark side of the story starts when it was sold to Dubrovnik authorities in 1798. 

That's when the Benedictines apparently to cursed the island. Some say they cursed it out of revenge while others believe the curse was created accidentally in the process of mourning. Supposedly, they walked around the island holding candles upside down while saying prayers the entire night. Allegedly, anyone who dares to use the Lokrum as a place of leisure will be cursed. Curse can supposedly only be stopped if one collects all the wax that dripped that night.

After it was taken from Benedictines, the island became a leisure residency to multiple famous and rich nobles of which many would face strangely tragic ends. Some of them went mad, lost their thrones, committed suicide, some were sentenced to death and some became murderers. Probably, the biggest thing connected to the island is in the early 20th century when Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria decided to take a vacation at the island. Right before he went to the island, he and his wife decided to take a trip to Sarajevo. That's where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated and that was the event which started the World War First. In the most recent history, in 2007, two workers supposedly taped a ghost with the phone in the Benediction Monastery. 

Nowadays, Lokrum is the area protected by UNESCO.  While it is allowed to visit the island during the day, staying owner the night is not acceptable. The truth is, Lokrum is a beautiful island with many both cultural and natural sights. Isn't it always like that? We have to scratch the surface to see what's really underneath. As they say, never judge a book by its cover.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Peggy, the Possessed Doll

Possessed dolls are pretty common theme in horror movies but what if the idea of haunted dolls isn't reserved only for horror movies. Many of us heard about the numerous allegations of real life possessed dolls; Peggy is one of them.

According to Daily Mail, the story about Peggy starts when the owner of the doll sent her to Jayne Harris, a paranormal investigator, claiming she is haunted. The owner believed the doll was responsible for a series of nightmares she'd experience, leaving her waking up feeling hot and shaken. The woman even searched help from a local priest but it didn't help. That's when the owner sent the doll to Harrison.

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Soon after Harris received the doll, she began conducting several experiments on the allegedly possessed doll. The investigator quickly learned that Peggy would have strange effects not only on people around her but on people who would just see a photo or a video of Peggy. Once, the day after Harrison conducted an automatic reading session with Peggy, she couldn't find her notebook. Later, she found it in the joints of the ceiling of the basement. Apparently, Peggy is also able to control dreams. One woman dreamed of Peggy warning her about one of her cats. The next day, the lady found her cat very ill and he died that same day. Furthermore, one of the mediums working on the case experienced paranormal activity on her Facebook. Apparently, all the comments she would post about Peggy were duplicated; no one else's, just hers. She also experienced the feeling of someone else being there with her and her dog would be barking at nothing. That's when the woman apologized to Peggy and all the symptoms stopped! The story about Peggy quickly spread all over the internet. The video of the doll posted online caused eighty viewers to suffer from chest pains, nausea and headaches. Watch the video bellow at your own risk.

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Paranormal Experiences With My Roommate

When you live with somebody for quite a while, you are bound to experience a bunch of things together. Sometimes these experiences might be unexplainable or even considered paranormal. Therefore, my roommate and I are not an exception.


Aside from telepathy which people who live together are bound to experience due to the fact they know each other so well, there have been other things happening. First of all, our paranormal experiences would come in periods meaning there would be few days or weeks just filled with different paranormal events and then there would be a periods of absolutely nothing unexplainable happening. We've experienced hearing voices, objects moving, electronics not functioning properly and a lot more unexplained phenomenon.


There were a few instances when my roommate would hear me speak but, in reality, I was completely silent. Since both of us quickly picked up this, we were both very careful. I remember once when she yelled out: "What?" I knew she heard me again although I didn't say anything. As I went to her room we just looked at each other suspiciously. I find this phenomenon very interesting because she was not the first person who heard me. I already wrote about it so click here if you want to check it out. Besides the imitating voices, sometimes my bed would make a sound as if somebody just sat on it.


There was a period when our things started disappearing. The very first thing to disappear was my roommates’ scissors. It was weeks before they reemerged completely visible at the table in my roommates’ room where she checked multiple times before. Another thing to disappear was my phone charger. For a week, I was using my roommates’ charger to charge my phone only to mysteriously find mine at school in my bag; the bag which I took to school every single day. My personal favorite is definitely when the door of the electricity meter opened on its own. That was just strange. 


If you ever come to our apartment be prepared to function without proper lighting. The light bulbs in our apartment frequently just stop working. Sometimes bulbs would just burst while other times they just wouldn’t work regardless the fact they should be functioning normally. This caused us to completely give up on ceiling lights in the bathroom and my bedroom. We use table lamps; it’s much easier to change the light bulbs. Aside the lights, appliances frequently malfunction. There was a period we’ve completely given up on TV because it would break so much. One night, I witnesses air-conditioning turning itself on for a few minutes and then turn itself off. It became quite regular for me to see lights on the appliances which indicate it’s turned on, radiating even though the appliances are turned off. First, I noticed this on the stove and now the heater in my room does it every night.

Both of us also experienced phantom smells including male perfume and the graveyard smell. If you aren’t familiar with phantom smells or the graveyard smell click here for the explanation. Maybe both of us are just very open to experience and that may be the reason for the unusual occurrences in our lives together.

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Friday, June 3, 2016

Crystal Children

Crystal children are one of the star seeds alongside indigo and rainbow children. While all the star seeds are here to make the world a better place, according to Sandra Weaver crystal children in particular are known as God’s gift to help save the world. In this article we will take a look at these peacemakers who are born in order to help humanity change for the better.

Most of the crystal children were born in the 1990s although there have been some scouts of crystal children prior to 1990s. Therefore, majority of crystal children are now entering their adulthood and they are already on the mission, knowingly or unknowingly, of changing this world for the better. It is so due to the fact that crystal children unlike indigo children are not confused about their purpose on this planet. Crystal children are able to see the bigger picture making them very aware of the fact that their voice matters and that they do have the power to make a difference.

Moreover, the reason why crystals are able to see bigger picture lays in the fact that they act as mirrors. These star seeds are reflection of the environment around them making them extremely emphatic people. They have the ability to see each situation for what it truly is as well as understand emotions others are feeling. This makes them very considerate, caring and loving people. On the contrary, highly developed empathy comes along with extreme sensitivity. Therefore crystal children are very sensitive to everything in their environment; from sounds, smells, food, unpleasant emotions in others, violence, pain, chemicals, pollutants and much more. Due to such sensitivity, they might avoid crowded places as well as other places with too much stimuli. Situations such as war, greed or violence makes crystals extremely overwhelmed and they can be severely traumatized by such events making them withdraw from society in order to protect themselves. They simply cannot comprehend inhumanity regardless if it is directed towards them or towards someone else. Such vulnerability might cause them to disconnect from the world and turn inward. It can even cause them to feel guilty about certain situations and make them suffer from periods of long depression. This is why it is almost necessary for crystal children to take extreme care of themselves both physically and psychologically. Luckily, crystal children are naturally drawn towards healing involving both others and themselves. They are aware that they need to arrange some alone time in order to rejuvenate themselves as well as that body work is beneficial to them. It is very common for crystal children to practice martial arts, yoga or massage. Aside from body work, crystals usually possess multiple talents including psychic ones.  Although everyone has the access to psychic abilities, crystal children excel in that area naturally. Telepathy in particular is one of the specialties of crystal children. Aside from telepathy, they might show signs of clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience etc) as well as mediumship and other parapsychological phenomenon. Paranormal is not a stranger to crystal children and they have probably experienced several paranormal events in their life.

Crystal children play an important role in the society. They are our reflection making us aware of ourselves. Crystals are here to teach us not only how powerful we are but how to use that power and how to use it for the better. Once we learn to love the crystal child sitting in front of us is when we learn to love our reflection; ourselves and eventually the world we live in.

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Are You a Star Child?

There are certain people in this world who simply do not fit the rest of the society. We recognize them as people who are very imaginative, have positive attitude and are somehow just unique in their own way making their opinions and ideas about the world stand out as different among the society. Majority of us met someone who fits the description or we might even recognize ourselves as unique. As expected, there has been a theory floating around suggesting that these people are even more special and unique than we ever imagined.


The theory of Star Seeds or more popularly known Star Children suggests that these people are born specifically in order to break the existing paradigms and start the next stage of human evolution. Some even claim that star children are of extraterrestrial origin explaining that their different views and ideas come from no other but from the universe knowledge itself. Therefore, it is believed that star children are either very old souls or aliens incarnated in human body born to help us ascend.  


  1. Probably the most common trait of all star children is an extreme sense of need and urgency to fulfill their mission of changing this world for the better no matter what their mission might be.
  2. Star children constantly feel like they are not fitting in. They are often on the search for the place to fit in causing them to change their appearance (hair color, style) but never quite managed to find it.
  3. They simply do not understand inhumanity which makes them very sensitive to violence, cruelty and similar topics. They often feel as if they need to make people see the right thing.
  4. Although star children might come across as cold or sometimes socially awkward, once you meet them, they are one of the most loving, caring and considerate people you have ever met.
  5. They love both spirituality and science making them able to actually healthily live their beliefs.
  6. Not only do they love and live spirituality and science, but they might be fascinated with topics of science fiction, paranormal and different scientific or parapsychological theories.
  7. Star children have had paranormal experiences trough their life. They also show signs of highly developed psychic abilities.
  8. They feel as if they are one with Universe. It comes naturally to star children.


Above we have explained some of the most common traits of star children however once we divide star children into categories we see each of them possess different traits. So far star children have been divided into three generations: Indigo Children, Crystal Children and Rainbow Children. 


Indigo Children are the first generation of Star Seeds/Star Children incarnated in this world. They also seem to be the most popularized of all Star Seeds mainly known for their special, unusual and even supernatural traits and abilities. Majority of Indigo Children were born in 1970s and 1980s with a few scouts born prior to those times as well as some of them still being born today.

As the first Star Seeds incarnated their tasks on this Earth mostly consisted of clearing the path. They did so by strongly refusing absolute authority which did not allow freedom of choice or negotiation. Indigo Children viewed rules by such authority as silly and useless. In order to achieve a liberated society, Indigo Children were born with high confidence and sense of self worth. This is why they are often viewed as stubborn. On the contrary, Indigos needed a high self-esteem to be able to break the rules and teach us that our voice does matter and that we do have the power to make a difference. 


Crystal Children are the second generation of Star Seeds. They were mostly born in 1990s with a few exceptions that were born prior and after the 1990s. The main difference between Indigos and Crystals is that Crystals are much more even-tempered. Indigos job was to fight and clear the path for the Crystals who were, thanks to the Indigos, being born into a lot more secure world. Moreover, Crystal’s task is more to set an example of cooperation with one another rather than fight.

The biggest trait of Crystals is their ability to act as mirrors. They reflect environment around them making them highly empathetic. In short, they are born to heal the people and the planet. However, this trait causes them to be extremely sensitive and it is almost necessary for them to take both physical and psychological care of themselves. To read more about Crystal Children, click here.


Rainbow Children are the third generation of Star Seeds. Most of them were born in the 2000s and are being born today with some scouts being born before the 2000s. It is believed that Rainbow Children have never been incarnated on the Earth before and that they have arrived directly from the Universe. The main difference between Indigos and Crystals is that Rainbow Children are not as nearly as vulnerable to human negativities and destructions. Instead they quickly recover from negative emotions making them all about universal joy, harmony, smiles and forgiveness to all.